Update:  We have been told that this is private property so please be respectful. You may be asked to leave if you choose to walk onto this property.

This pond is located just off of S.R. 75 in Springville at the corner of 1100 West. Here’s a look at the Springville duck pond:

springville duck pond

Please remember to feed the ducks something healthy like lettuce. They will eat it just as much as bread and it causes them a lot fewer problems.

Find more duck ponds here.


  1. Just as a note, this pond is on private property at a place of business (Flowserve). They are generally pretty nice about moms bringing their kids to feed the ducks, but do remember there are people in offices with a complete view of you. Do not disrupt the business. This is not a good place for a picnic or playdate. Do not go into the water as it is not safe. Technically, you are trespassing. Sometimes people are asked to leave. Beware before going and be sure to show it respect as a place of business.

    • Interesting! I had no idea, I’m so glad you mentioned this! This was given to us by a follower so I’ll make sure to make mention of this. Thanks!

  2. It sure would be nice if some research was done about feeding ducks bread before telling the public all the great places to find ducks to feed. If your gonna post an article about feeding ducks give more examples about why you shouldn’t feed ducks bread and more examples of good nutritional things to feed the ducks. Just google “Why it’s bad to feed ducks bread?” Ducks love seedless grapes (cut in halves), peas, carrots, whole grains no processed foods, lettuce, bird seed and meal worms. ( they have these at Walmart, pet stores, feed supply stores) They absolutely love the meal worms and bird seed!!

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