Taste of Home gave me the great opportunity to attend Build Your Blog Conference that was held in Downtown Salt Lake City last weekend.  It was a chance for me to help bring you a better blog … eventually.  A lot of the information was great and very informational.

But really, I took away one underlying theme:  Be passionate.

Be passionate about family.  Be passionate about blogging.  Be passionate about life.

I think back to the reason I started this blog in the first place.  I was looking for a connection to other Utah Valley moms.  I felt as though I knew Salt Lake so well (where I was raised), I went to college here in Utah Valley, but knew I wouldn’t stay here – everything I knew was in Salt Lake so I had plans to move back.  But somehow my life got twist-turned upside down (get the reference?) and I ended up settling down in Utah Valley.  I started the blog to share all of the free events and activities happening in the area that I could attend with my family.

So really this blog is about my passion.  Family.  Blogging.  Life.

However, the demands of all three of those become so overwhelming at times that I lose sight of why I started this in the first place.  I want to see successful, happy families.  I want to see my own family happy.  And for those two reasons alone, I know I need to remember to keep all of this craziness up for the passion I have for each of those things.

I challenge you to think about the things you’re passionate about … or that you once were passionate about but maybe have put too much stress on yourself to really enjoy it.  Renew that passion.  This is the one life we get so might as well make the most of it!

First selfie of the day. Get ready for a lot of pictures today as today is #bybc2015 for me thanks to @tasteofhome.

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