Utah Valley Moms had the opportunity to preview the new building for Primary Children’s Hospital.

Primary Children’s Hospital is an absolutely incredible place.  It’s hard for me to hear any story about Primary Children’s without welling up with tears because of the extraordinary way that they work there.

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Aerial of Eccles Building 3

Aerial of Eccles Building

One thing I loved as I passed through the new building is the colors.  Hospitals can be so scary and so monotone with those colorful yet old-looking chairs.  But not at Primary Children’s.  The whole place is filled with relaxing, soothing colors to help direct people but also to make it fun for the children.  Each area of the hospital is colored a different color and with some fun drawings on the floor to help with direction as well.

Clinic Waiting Area - Level 3
Clinic Hallway
Pictures on the floor to help kids “discover” as well as help with direction.

Other things I love:

  • children’s play area for siblings who have a brother or sister who has an appointment – volunteers are staffed to play with the children – siblings can be there for up to two hours unless there is a special circumstance
  • touch-screen games
  • huge jumbo games in waiting areas
  • tubing system for prescriptions and other things to quickly pass between buildings (reminds me of a drive-thru bank)
  • benches in exam rooms instead of two chairs to fit more kids
  • brand new kitchen with amazing food – the cooks have done an excellent job
  • made-to-order food in the kitchen to give a different feeling instead of the normal hospital food experience … I might go eat there without kids at the hospital
  • the sky bridge is temperature sensitive which means that windows will automatically open at certain temperatures to allow air flow

This will be the first expansion for the hospital in 22 years.  It will have unfinished areas to allow room for growth.  And in case you are not sure as to whether you want to take your children to Primary Children’s Hospital, it’s ranked among the top in the nation for children’s hospitals.

Personally, I am so grateful for all of the amazing employees that work at Primary Children’s Hospital.  They truly put children first and are willing to do what they can to help every patient, even despite whether a parent can pay for the bill to treat their child or not.  This place is incredible.

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