Ken Garff of Orem has let me try out a 2014 Honda Pilot and it has been a pretty good experience!  Although there are a lot of good things about the Pilot like the seat warmers, backup camera, and great screen that tells you all about what you’re listening to, gas mileage, etc, my favorite part is how easy it is to get car seats in and out of the Pilot.  It’s sort of a silly thing, but when you have two young children who need these huge bulky car seats, it’s a pain when cars don’t make it easy to get them in and out.  It literally takes us about 15 seconds to put in a car seat or take it out which is great when you have an 8-seater and want the grandparents to join you for dinner.  Everyone can pile into one car, car seats can be moved quickly, and there is plenty of room for everyone!

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