We woke up sicker this morning.  We’ve been progressively getting worse over the past few days and I’m pretty sure it’s because of our lack of sleep.  Our babe’s sleeping habits have been awful lately.  Two nights ago she was awake from 2-5 am which means so were we.

Yesterday just sort of passed us by because we were so exhausted.  Not only that, but the babe was exhausted as well.  She was so grumpy all day and nothing made her happy except for going to the mall so she could wave and point to all the kids there.

In fact, she was so tired that she went to bed just after 8 pm which she hasn’t done in over a month.  It was amazing!  We all got plenty of sleep and although we feel slightly tired still from two nights ago, hopefully now we’ll be able to get over our sickness!

I really hope after this whole teething thing, she starts sleeping longer at nights.  Although, I’m sure that something else will happen after that – it’s just how it seems to go.