KBYU Eleven hosts a Community Connection where organizations throughout the community are interviewed about what they do to help the community.

When it was first mentioned to me that I should be on it, I smiled, nodded, and tried to move on as quickly as possible from the topic. Being on camera is not exactly my favorite thing to do. However, when I received an email about it a few weeks ago, I felt like I couldn’t say no and it really was just one of those things where if I do it, I can use it as one of my “doing something I don’t like” examples for my children when they are a bit older.

I hardly slept the night before, I was feeling very ill in the minutes leading up to the interview, and I kept doing some weird out-of-control movements right before they filmed to try to get out all of my nervous energy. However, the people at the BYU Broadcast Building are so great and kind and wonderful that it was really hard to feel extremely nervous.

I was able to talk about Utah Valley Moms, how it started, and our upcoming event. The main point I wanted to get across (but don’t think I did) was that Utah Valley Moms is for you. I don’t work hard on it to get paid – I do it because I know there are other moms like me out there who are wondering where can I go with my children? Who else is out there with children that can support me? And what are the best places around Utah Valley?