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Many bloggers use affiliate links.  Before a year ago, they always bothered me.  Why would I want to help give money to these people that I don’t even know?  Why help them?  Rude, I know, but that’s just how I felt about affiliate links.

However, last year I realized that I wanted to start doing my own giveaways for Utah Valley Moms and I also wanted to be able to hold community events.  As Utah Valley Moms is really not profitable, I decided to take on sponsored posts and use affiliate links to earn money that I could then use for the community.

How were we able to provide giveaways to local restaurants last year?  You guessed it, sponsored posts and affiliate links.

How have we been able to help sponsor the Utah Valley Moms Spring Event and Easter egg hunt?  Yep, sponsored posts and affiliate links.

What can you do to help us provide more great giveaways and more community events?  Please consider clicking on our affiliate links.  Already going to buy something from zulily?  Use our link.  Really wanted that one thing from Amazon?  Use our affiliate link.

And if you’re wondering whether we actually keep some of the money we earn?  Answer?  No.  Unfortunately for me and those who help make Utah Valley Moms amazing, no.  This is all volunteer work.  I try to get up at 5 am every morning to find time to work on this site and I know others give up precious family time to help me.

Want to help support Utah Valley Moms through affiliate links but don’t know whether we have it or not?  Use our search bar to search the company to possibly find a post we’ve done for them or request a link by contacting Utah Valley Moms.  And if you have a suggestion for us, please let us know!

Here’s who we work with right now:

So here’s my last plea:  please use our affiliate links if you like our giveaways and community events.  I have some great ideas for the next year but can only make them possible through links like these.  I know they’re obnoxious, but please just bare with me.  Thanks!


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