Over two years ago, my husband and I decided to make a serious decision about our lives.  I was new to being a stay-at-home mom and was just starting this blog.  We were serious about buying a home of our own.  Our little girl was only about one year old and I knew another little babe was coming to our family within the next year.  My husband made plenty of money.  It was stable. It was secure.  Yet here we were, in this “perfect” little life of ours, and we decided that my husband should follow his heart and his dreams, quit his job, and create his own businesses.

It was depressing – not something we wanted to share with anyone.  We were self-sufficient and didn’t want anyone to think any differently of us.  We didn’t want family to “help” us or to give us any sort of slack.  My employer who I had just quit from a few months back graciously hired me back but I made just enough to cover our rent and utilities – certainly not enough to actually live off of.  I immediately learned how to start saving money and Freebies2Deals.com was one of the places I turned to first.

Melea, the owner of Freebies2Deals.com, has done an excellent job of keeping all of her followers and readers informed as to where the best deals are and how to go about getting them.  Lucky for us, she has just released a book, Create Your Own Money-Saving Adventure (The Standard Edition) (Volume 1).

I sat down with the book while watching a television show (this is also how I studied which might explain some of my poor grades) and nearly finished the book in that one sitting.  I was fascinated and it took me back to those days right after we decided to make our huge life-changing decision.  Melea reviews all of the start up concepts of couponing, as well as all the problems that can come with couponing, like different store policies and when a cashier won’t honor the coupon.  My personal favorite part of the book is the end where she talks about other things other than groceries.  She talks about budgeting and how to save on many aspects of life.

Melea stresses that you can create your own money-saving adventure.  Not everyone needs to save money the exact same way.  And that’s the great part about this book.  She gives you what you need to know about saving money and then you get to decide how you would like to save money.

This book is a great resource for beginners and seasoned couponers alike.  It provides the ins and outs of couponing and serves as a great reminder that there are always more ways we can save.  Melea has done an excellent job of making her readers feel empowered to save more money!

Now through February 26th, 2014, the price of the book will only be $7.00. (Reg $12.99)

**If you are an Amazon Prime member, the book will ship completely free. If not, Create Your Own Money-Saving Adventure (The Standard Edition) (Volume 1) ships free once you hit $35 in one order.

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