I have a favor to ask of you.  I currently have some exciting ideas for an upcoming Easter Egg Hunt but I’m going to need your help!

Utah Valley Moms is not really a profitable website.  I continue to find local happenings and businesses mostly for you so that you can attend all of these fun, and usually free, events.  However, because of this, Utah Valley Moms is really unequipped to handle the cost of hosting an Easter Egg Hunt (unless I only invite about 10 of you, which I could if it comes down to it, but I don’t think that would be as fun).  Therefore, I’m asking for you help with the costs.

We currently have an interest form for anyone who is interested in being a vendor or sponsor of this event.  There is also a place to mark if you are interested in being a volunteer at this event.  Please, please, please pass this form on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Why are we doing this event?  Because fun, free events are what we’re all about.  We love to see you all enjoy a great activity with your family and friends.  There have also been many complaints about other local Easter Egg Hunts and we want to address a few of those problems.  We will surely not be able to fix them all but we’d like to give it a shot.

What will we be doing at this event?  This Easter Egg Hunt Event will be within the two weeks before Easter.  It will hopefully be held indoors (hence the need for funds) and will be sectioned off.  In one area will be vendors and sponsors.  Hopefully they will provide useful information, as well as some activities or little games to keep your children interested.  Another area (might be will be activities for children (hence the need for volunteers).  The third area will be the Easter Egg Hunt.  Free registration will be necessary and will be based on age.  Also, no parents will be allowed in the actual hunting area, however, they will definitely be able to watch.

For more questions, please contact us!  To sign up to be a vendor, sponsor, or volunteer, fill out the form and we will be emailing more information out soon.  Thanks for all of your support!