Orem Cemetery Park
1200 N. 800 E., Orem
Small hills
Great for young children

Okay, first of all, I didn’t want to name this Orem Cemetery, however, I don’t know what else this place is called. I’ve always called it a park until I went to Google map it and it told me it was the cemetery! I even checked the Orem City’s park information and was surprised that it’s not a park. But it makes sense. It’s just a lot of grass and a walking area … but all of the people who play soccer there made me believe it was a park.

Anyway …

This little park (I’m going to call it a park) is a much smaller version of Rock Canyon Park, in that it is somewhat of a bowl. It is surrounded by small hills which would be perfect for very young children. The hills differ in size a bit but in general, they are pretty small. I think my three-year old would have fun on the northeast hills as they are slightly larger – just watch out for trees!

Orem Cemetery
Northeast hill next to the actual cemetery
Orem Cemetery
Side view of the largest hills
Orem Cemetery
If you sled here, make sure to stay between the trees! But there should be plenty of room for a sledder without worrying about trees.

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