great hills for sledding

We have compiled a list of your favorite sledding hills! Here is what we have for now for sledding hills in Utah County – please let us know if you have a favorite that is not listed!  As we review and photograph each location, you will be able to click on the link of the park/location to see what each hill looks like.


Rock Canyon Park: a park with many different heights to choose from and it is a huge park so there is a lot of space for a lot of people

Riverview Park:  great for younger children

Bicentennial Park, 1400 S. 1600 E.


Windsor Elementary, 1315 N. Main Street

Cascade Park: great for little kids

Mountain View High School:  good for all ages

Northridge Elementary, 1660 N. Nighthawk Dr.

Cherry Hill Elementary, 250 E. 1650 S.:  great for younger children

Orchard Park, 1000 N. 750 E.

Orem Cemetery, 1200 N. 800 E.


Oak Canyon Junior High, 111 S. 725 E.


South side of Swiss One subdivision

Cedar Hills

East side of foothills of Canyon Road

American Fork

Evergreen Park, 200 N. 700 E.

Shelley Elementary, 600 N. 100 W.

Equestrian Park

Eagle Mountain

Silver Lake Amphitheater, Pony Express Road

Spanish Fork

Spanish Oaks Elementary, 2701 E. Canyon Crest Drive


Peetneet Academy, 10 S. 600 E.:  very large, steep hill


1900 North and 300 East

Hills on the east side of the freeway at the Point of the Mountain

American Fork Canyon

Tibble Fork Reservoir, take Exit #287 from I-I5. Turn east onto UT-92 and continue driving into American Fork Canyon. There is a $6 per vehicle fee at the toll station entrance to the canyon. After about 5 miles, turn left, following signs to Granite Flat Campground/Tibble Fork Reservoir.

Hobble Creek Canyon

Closed until further notice. Jolley’s Ranch (3 miles up):  Open Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. and Monday to Tuesday from 3-8 p.m., Jolley’s Ranch offers groomed tubing and sledding hills. Jolley’s is a fee location. Sledding costs are $2 (before 5 p.m.), $3 (after 5 p.m.), and $10 for an anytime family rate. Season passes are available for $30. Bring your own sleds or rent them at the central yurt for $2.

Provo Canyon

Big Springs

Riverview Park

Thank you to Michelle and Laurie for your great tips!


  1. Hey guys this is a great list, but Jolley’s Ranch has actually closed it’s winter activities due to lack of funding and poor winter conditions the past few years. Just thought you should know.

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