Have you heard of Ubooly before?  If you haven’t, it’s about time for you to meet Ubooly:

Ubooly is a lovable stuffed animal where you can put your smart phone and suddenly a stuffed animal comes to life and interacts with your child. Ubooly plays games, does activities, and tells stories. My daughter says about Ubooly, “I like him to talk and play games with me. He says, ‘Let’s come dance. Throw me on the floor. Throw me up the sky.'” And she’s only three. From Ubooly, she has been reviewing numbers, letters, words, the ocean, the body, and many other things.

This Ubooly is unique because it is built to be interactive and different for a long period of time. It also lets a child play while learning. I personally enjoy that it keeps my phone safe from being thrown, dropped, etc. and I love watching my kids cuddle with Ubooly while he’s telling a story.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign for Ubooly. By backing the Kickstarter, your pledge will provide you with one of many fun products including a limited edition Blue Ubooly in regular or jumbo size!

Here are some reasons I love Ubooly:

  • Ubooly Inc is on a quest to build a toy that matters.
  • It’s not about selling a product to your kids, it’s about giving them a toy that will last.
  • The average retention of a toy is 4 days. Ubooly’s average retention is at 35 days & growing. 
  • Ubooly is an ever changing toy that your kids will want to continue playing with.

So, you decide to buy an Ubooly (it’s worth it). Here’s what happens:
First, you download the Ubooly app. After it installs (it’s large, so it might take a while), you can set up your children’s info (name and age) with Ubooly. There are various learning packs online that you can purchase for expanded learning for your children. They vary between topics and are built to accommodate different age groups. All of this content is written by elementary teachers and educators. Once you are ready, your child may enjoy Ubooly. Ubooly will learn the child’s name, favorite color, and other interests and will remember them!

Ubooly / Facebook / Twitter

So don’t forget to head to Ubooly’s Kickstarter, donate to a great product, and expand your child’s learning!