I’ve avoided carving pumpkins because I have no creativity or imagination to create a fun pumpkin. And even if I had a fun picture that I wanted to carve, I have no idea how to go about actually carving it. And that’s why I am so glad I found Stoneykins. I cannot it believe it has taken me this long to finally find this website!

Stoneykins is a one-man show who has created close to 7500 patterns and even does custom carvings of logos, portraits, or anything else you can think of. Amazing, right? Although Stoneykins has a lot of paid patterns (which are super cheap, by the way), there are also 100 free patterns on the website and even more free patterns on Facebook.

The patterns vary from tradtitional cut-out patterns to shaded patterns which look 3D and life-like. There are full step-by-step tutorials with photos to show the proper way to carve a pumpkin from start to finish online. Stoneykins also includes a forum to help answer any and all carving questions. You may also buy carving tools on the website.

Stoneykins has been featured in Rolling Stone, This Old House, and even on Monday Night Football.  I’m just so impressed, I’m not surprised that everyone else is, too.

Visit Stoneykins to get some amazing pumpkin carvings started before the Halloween season is over!  There are a lot of local pumpkin parades that will be going on so this would be one great website to help you prepare your pumpkins!

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