The Springville Splash Pad is located at about 50 S. Main Street in Springville. The Springville splash pad has a long, shallow river with a few sprinklers and a little waterfall. There is also a circular area with a splash pad area with main sprinklers.

springville splash pad

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Favorite part of the Springville splash pad: The shallow lazy river – the river is so long and great for how many people are at the splash pad at one time. It allows the kids to have enough room to play. I also loved the idea of the waterfall at the beginning of the river.

Least favorite part of the Springville splash pad: Lack of large parking lot. There may have been a parking lot but I didn’t see one. Much like the Provo splash pad and Eagle Mountain splash pad, parking is available around the block on the street around the splash pad. There are some spaces that are very close to the splash pad area while I watched others walk quite a ways from their cars.

*Update, there is a parking lot to the south of the splash pad that should have plenty of parking.

Other things about the Springville splash pad: There is a playground right next to the splash pad area. Many parents were sitting in between the playground and splash pad as children ran back and forth between the two. The restrooms were also right next to the playground and splash pad. There are some trees to provide shade but there’s not a lot of shade. The fire station is right next to the splash pad so loud and exciting for the kids if a fire truck leaves the station but also good in case something awful happens and you need help.

Springville Splash Pad
50 S. Main Street, Springville
10 am – Dusk, Monday-Saturday

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