This morning we went to Highland’s splash pad. It was windy and I was very disappointed that the actual splash pad portion was not currently running. Kids assured me, however, that water came out of the ground there though. 🙂

To the left is the splash pad, the right is the river.
To the left is the splash pad, the right is the river.

highland splash pad

highland splash pad

My favorite thing about this splash pad is its uniqueness. The river, the water spraying out of the rocks, and also an actual splash pad makes this area very unique.

My least favorite thing about the Highland splash pad is how fast the water is running in the river.  I could never let my one-year old play in the river without holding onto him.  The water was one to two inches high and going so quickly that I would be afraid of drowning.  However, for the older children, the river is great and not a problem at all!

Other things about this splash pad:  The water to the actual splash pad wasn’t working.  I’m sure it turns on later but we were there at 11 am and it wasn’t on yet.  There are benches around the area and a few small trees but get there early if you want shade.  It seems to be a popular commodity at this splash pad.  The restrooms were nearby and somewhat dirty, but functioning.  There is plenty of parking around the splash pad area.

5400 W. Civic Center Drive (about 10800 N.), Highland
Monday – Saturday, 10 am until dusk
Will not be running on days colder than 75 degrees, when it is raining, during high winds, or when thunderstorms are present.
Open Memorial Day through Labor Day

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