We recently had the opportunity to play the game “Rollick!” from The Game Chef.

The game Rollick! is based off of the well-known game Charades so the learning curve is short and quick which is nice, however, Rollick! has additional rules that make the game quick and fast-paced. The more people the better, however, my family and I played and there were only four of us. Well, really, there were only three of us with a three-year old who wanted to play, too.

The three of us played for about 45 minutes before we needed to put the kids to bed. We laughed a lot as two people tried to act out a “cactus” which just wasn’t working at all. Or the time my husband and I were pretending to be beavers except neither of us understood what the other was doing to act like a beaver. And there were many times as I was supposed to act out a word where I just stood there, trying to wrap my head around how to even go about acting it out. A couple of times I even used props which was so fun because for someone like me who has a hard time deciding how to act words, using props is a life savor!

Rollick! is for kids/people 10 years plus, however, my three-year old definitely thought it was fun to act out words, if we told her what to do. It is also recommended for at least six people, however, we made it work just fine with three people.

After, we also played “Long Story Short” which is also made by The Game Chef. Long Story Short reminds me of some of the games I used to play as a teenager because we loved making up stories or telling real stories and playing a game. Basically, one person tells a story and then everyone else has to rewrite the story as a headline, tweet, text, or comic strip/picture. You can retell the story differently, add parts to it, or adjust it however you want. I just felt like this game is so perfect for this day and age becuase of its use of text and tweet ideas. This game is for four to eight people (even though we only played with three) and is for those 13 years and older, however, I’m sure that younger people could play as well. We ended up playing for over an hour. I soaked it all in and am anxious to play again!

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  1. They both sound fun, but we’ve always loved charades, so Rollick would be right up our games alley. 🙂

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