It always amazes me – no matter what time we put the baby to bed, she always wakes up around the same time each morning. At first I would try to keep her up later so she’d stay asleep longer but I finally realized that doing so doesn’t lead to later mornings. If anything, it led to the exact opposite because she was extra tired.

I also learned it was the same with naps – if she takes fewer naps during the day than usual, she’ll sleep less at night. However, the days that my baby gets her 3 full-length naps in, she will sleep about 11 hours each night. It’s amazing how that works.

I read a few months ago to put a baby down for a nap or for the night 20 minutes before you usually do if the baby cries before sleeping. I tried it but it didn’t seem to work. We kept her at that time but she’d still complain quite a bit.

A friend reminded me a couple weeks later about the same thing so I moved her nap/sleep time up by 20 more minutes and it’s been an amazing change. She goes to sleep without any problems … usually!


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