I had never heard of Lyceum before but I love the idea of it. They train strength, endurance, and movement. They are about functional training. When you train here, you use TRX suspension trainers and kettlebells. Battle ropes are also used. I had only ever seen them on “Biggest Loser” so it was pretty interesting to use them.

Workouts at Lyceum usually consist of a good mix of kettlebell complexes, interval circuits, pure TRX classes and TABATA workouts.

When you first arrive to Brick Canvas, you can check in at the front desk and they will direct you where to go. From then on, you will have a scan card that you can scan at the front desk. If you have a lot of things, you can go to the locker room and use the free digital lockers to hold your things. Down the stairs you will find the Lyceum training area. The trainers are friendly and willing to help newbies learn the moves. Jesse, one of the main guys, helped me for five minutes to make sure that I wasn’t hurting myself as I did kettle bell swings and squats. Rachel, another instructor, helped make sure that I was using the suspension trainers correctly each time and helped me know how to not injure myself in them.

After your one-hour workout, you can head back up to the locker room to shower off and/or change. The women’s bathrooms also have hair dryers which is fantastic. Also, there are Q-Tips, just a random little perk of the locker room.

Just a warning, you will be sore after your workout, unless you are already fit and/or stretch a lot. After my first workout, the soreness started setting in just hours after class ended. The next morning, I couldn’t move my upper body. But I take it as a good sign that I was actually working out my body. Next time I’ll remember to stretch more.

Trish, the wife of Jesse, who is also an instructor, offers healthy living classes each month.
Dates: October 3, 10, 17 and 24 (Thursday)
Times: 9:30-11am or 7-8:30pm (The same content will be provided at both sessions)
Classes: Eat This, Not That
Cravings – Where do they come from? How to deal with them.
Stress Management (guest lecturer to be announced soon)
Cooking Class – Fall Favorites! (Trish is in charge…pumpkin will be on the menu.)
Class size is limited to 15 people so sign up quickly!

And by the way, in November, there will be one all-day event/class with speakers and lunch included so look forward to more information about that!

If you have wanted to try Lyceum, you may purchase any two 60-minute services at Sage Leaf Spa or more and you will get a free membership the studio. For more general information on Lyceum and Brick Canvas, read our original introduction post.


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