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I don’t know how moms used to do it in the “old” days but there are a few things that I feel like are essential for new moms.

I used one of these all the time while pregnant until I could button my normal pants again. It was so useful and helped me stay modest.

Tops that are made with nursing in mind are essential for me. It makes it easy while out in public to nurse or pump and not have to lift the whole shirt up and expose my back (and who knows what else!)

Comfy, nursing pajamas are a must after coming home from the hospital. The first night home with one of my children, I basically spent without a shirt on because I didn’t have a comfortable night time shirt to wear. Just trust me, you’re going to want something light and easy to move.

Nursing cover is essential if you will be nursing or pumping for all of those times when you are out and need to feed or pump. I’ve used mine in the car, in waiting rooms, and at the fair, along with almost every other place imaginable.

I need these to use with my next newborn. They’re so self explanatory … I just hope my oldest can read by the next time I have a newborn in the house!

If you are expecting or know someone who is, you can find must-have essentials for mom and baby at zulily!