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WHAT: Acre-sized, all-ice castle in Midway, UT. One of four Ice Castles in America.
WHERE: 2002 Soldier Hollow Rd Midway, UT 84049 USA
WHEN: January 8th – March 2016
M – Th: 3 pm to 9 pm
Friday: 3 pm to 11 pm
Saturday: Noon to 11 pm
Sunday: Closed

— Amazing ice features including archways, tunnels, slot canyons, ice slide, caverns, glacial waterfalls and a frozen throne.
— Kids and families squeezing, squishing, sliding, stomping and crawling through parts of the stunning Narnia Like display.
— Natural frozen ice tones during the day; colorful LED-lit ice set to music at night. Built by hand and made from more than 20,000,000 pounds of ice, the Ice Castles in Midway, UT are READY to be explored!

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Ice Castles Review

The ice castles are gorgeous every year. They are made from man-made icicles that take months to perfect.

This year they incorporated a slide which was a lot of fun but made your bum very wet if you didn’t wear snow pants so learn from our mistake: wear snow gear. It is very cold so make sure everyone is bundled up.

Lights are placed within the ice which makes it gorgeous to view and keeps the place lit up. My favorite part is always the entrance way when you first walk in. It is basically a tunnel of ice and then it opens up to a gorgeous icy scene. This year they also had a water fountain in the middle which was gorgeous for photos.

This really is a sight to see and if you haven’t been before, now is the time. This is the first year that it was held up Soldier Hollow instead of downtown Midway which led to a gorgeous backdrop and a lot more parking!