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With our first child, as she was learning to walk, we just helped her the old-fashion way – held her hands, helped her transfer her weight from side to side, and helped keep her up on her feet. However, my husband and I frequently had back aches and it was tiring, especially for the grandparents.

Now with our second child, helping him walk with the Juppy while he’s learning has been so much better. I noticed especially for my parents that helping him walk was so much easier as they didn’t have to bend down at all because with the handle straps, they were easily able to help him shift his weight, walk, and move forward. It was also easier to help him stop from falling with the Juppy.

Overall, I absolutely love the Juppy Baby Walker. It has made walking and learning to walk so much easier to help with babies/toddlers who are learning to walk or who want to walk but just can’t yet. Using it, my back isn’t sore and I was able to walk our second child around a lot more while using the Juppy. I enjoy how safe it is, it’s lightweight, it can fit in your purse or diaper bag to travel anywhere, fits children up to 35 pounds, and it feels very sturdy. The only thing I wish was different was the ability to change the length of the straps. Luckily, I’m short but for a taller person, it might be a little too short.

Here are some pros that the Juppy company has listed:
• Eliminates your fear of your baby falling on sharp edges.
• Your baby feels secure knowing you are there!
• The safety of The Juppy Baby Walker is unmatched.
• You will immediately recognize how much better you feel about your baby learning to walk.

So seriously, if you have a child who is learning to walk, is about ready to learn to walk, or you might have a child (in your home or taking care of one) in the future, I would highly recommend buying a Juppy Baby Walker. Or you can win one.

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  1. It can enable people who may not have the best backs to be apart of their babies lives! 🙂 I have heard of it before

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