UCM was provided a membership to Revolt Fitness in exchange for these posts.

As a mom, I’ve tried to learn how to balance my life. I miss the days of waking up to an alarm clock (not my child running in telling me she has to go potty), doing some exercise wherever I want, taking a shower without a child knocking on the door, and then working. I could eat wherever, whatever I wanted to without having a child beg. And not having had any children, my body was not stretched out and my organs were all where they belonged.

Now, after only two kids, I’ve got cravings from stress, I’ve got stretch marks, I’ve got a pooch from having my last baby, and I’m always sleep deprived. So thank goodness for Revolt Fitness. It’s great because I’ve got all the videos I want and need for whenever I have time to exercise.

Unfortunately, I don’t make enough time. By the time I go to bed at night and finally calm down from the day, it’s way too late so I wake up to a high-pitched voice saying, “Mommy! I need to go potty!” Then I will try to get my workout in but unfortunately, the internet we have at our house rarely works enough to stream a video. So I try and try to get it to play but eventually have to give up because it’s time to make breakfast.

Then with the whole summer thing and we’ve been staying with family away from home, my diet has been awful. It’s easy to get the kids to still eat healthy, but when you’re staying down the street from an Iceberg (ice cream), Leatherby’s (ice cream), Cafe Rio, and all sorts of other yummy places with Costco, Walmart, Harmon’s, and Smith’s all within a mile or so, I just could not stick to a good, solid eating plan.

But isn’t that the problem with life in general? In order to be healthy, you have to decide before you’re put in these situations to make good decisions. And lame excuses like my internet won’t work, shouldn’t stop me from exercising. Yet I have eaten poorly and haven’t exercised as much.

Therefore, because I have actually gained three pounds in the last couple of weeks, there’s really just no point in posting my White Hot August picture.

Here are some of the things I have enjoyed about Revolt Fitness:

  • You can exercise any time, anywhere
  • The exercises change weekly
  • There are three different videos that are produced weekly
  • The instructor explains how to do each exercise at the beginning of the video
  • A list of the exercises is listed on the screen throughout the workout
  • The founder, Nichole, is from Utah County

This is a list of things I hope to see improved by Revolt Fitness as time goes on:

  • The audio quality is not always the best – the microphone isn’t close enough to the instructor
  • The instructor does not do the routine with us – the exercises are shown once and then repeated
  • The music between exercises is loud which makes it tough when I’m too close to sleeping children
  • If you don’t have internet access, you can’t watch the videos
  • So now it’s up to you to decide if Revolt Fitness is a good fit for you. The main benefit for me was being able to exercise whenever I wanted to (assuming my internet was working).