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Well, I’m checking in for week 6. My biggest downfall was food this week. I did really well up until the end of the week when the stress hit. I had planned too many things for a 24-hour time period and not to mention, I had a family reunion which means lots of food and lots of sitting around. Although I didn’t eat a lot of sugary foods, I just overate in general (what? 3 sandwiches in one sitting isn’t normal?!) and felt really bad about it by the time Saturday night hit.

This month is White Hot August with a before and after photo challenge. Last week I took a photo of myself in a white shirt that I want to fit differently … well, I just don’t want to see my little pooch that makes me look 12 weeks pregnant anymore. You’ll get to see that photo at the end of the month. Anyway, Saturday night, I looked at my belly in the mirror and was disappointed that I had worked so hard during the week to completely binge during the weekend.

However, in good news, I have lost one pound and exercises are getting easier which means my body is improving. And it’s exciting.