We finally decided to try the restaurant, Joe Vera’s on Center Street in Provo, last weekend. I drive past it all the time since it’s on the way to work and have always wanted to try it, especially because they have a sign that seems like a pretty good price for a lunch special (although we didn’t go for lunch).

It was not the best Mexican food I’ve ever had but it was pretty decent. I loved the chips and salsa and I tried the Chicken Chimichanga while my husband tried the Carne Asada Burrito. I love chimichangas and although I would have preferred a homemade chimi, this one wasn’t too bad. They also made it nice and cheesy which I absolutely loved.

The atmosphere isn’t quite the typical Mexican Restaurant type. They had some Mexican decorations but it their decorating seemed simple and clean.

The staff was friendly and although our waiter wasn’t the quickest with remembering our food or drinks, he was very kind and seemed very busy.