PBS KIDS is sponsoring a Twitter Party tomorrow, Wednesday, August 5th from 1-2 pm MDT. Here are some of the questions that will be asked so you can think about them and answer and participate tomorrow!

1)        Q1: How do you calm the back to school jitters? #PBSKIDSLearn

2)        Q2: Having a schedule makes going back to school easier and less stressful. What are your tips for making the transition? #PBSKIDSLearn

3)        Q3: What is your child’s favorite healthy after school snack? #PBSKIDSLearn

4)        Q4: What is your child most excited about when they’re going back to school? #PBSKIDSLearn

5)        Q5: What is some advice you would give to parents taking their child to school for the first time? #PBSKIDSLearn

6)        Q6: What is your child’s favorite subject in school and why? #PBSKIDSLearn

7)        Q7: What is the most interesting answer you’ve received to the question,
“What did you learn in school today?” #PBSKIDSLearn

8)        Q8: What are some of your best tips for finding a balance between work and play during the school year? #PBSKIDSLearn

9)        Q9: What is the most important thing to tell your child on the first day of school? #PBSKIDSLearn

10)   Q10: Learning helps kids realize their full potential. What does your child want to be when they grow up? #PBSKIDSLearn