My great idea was to highlight a Walk With Angels Team every day but I obviously failed miserably with that.  The walk is two days away and I only spotlighted one team.  I blame the big move and lack of internet that stopped me from achieving this goal but really, it was probably just out of forgetfulness and laziness.  All of these kids are great, though, and so if you have a spare few minutes (or hour in my case), go read about these amazing children and families.

The point is, these “angels” are really special and this is a great opportunity to support them and their families.  The walk, held at 500 N. Center Street in Lehi, is this Saturday, May 21.  Registration and activities begin at 9:30 am, the walk begins at 11 am, and more fun in the park (Wines Park) continues until 2 pm.

Please don’t pass up this amazing opportunity.  Not only will you be helping those with special “angels” in their lives, but you’ll also be getting some exercise, some time in warm weather after all this gloomy weather, and a place to let your kids go crazy with all of the fun activities that Walk With Angels is providing.

Although registering online has been closed, you may still register Saturday morning at 9:30 am.  You can pay by cash or check. Individual registration is $15 and family registration is $30.  And remember, all proceeds go to the United Angels Foundation to support parents and families of children with special needs.