I recently had the opportunity to work with Megan Lee Photography, a local Utah photographer who specializes in family, baby, and wedding sessions and more specifically, Utah County newborn photography and as an Orem family photographer.  I feel slightly bad I’m going to crop her photos but I wanted you to see how amazing all of the photos are without having to scroll down and down and down.  (Sorry Megan, forgive me for cropping your beautiful work!)

Utah Valley Moms received a free photo session in exchange for this review, however, all opinions are our own.

Megan Lee Photography, Utah Photographer
Megan Lee Photography, Utah Photographer

Megan took us up Provo canyon one gorgeous Fall day for photos for this session.  I had never had pictures done at Canyon Glen Park and was pretty concerned about what there is to take a picture of at that location but when she led us to this location, I knew she was a good photographer, without even seeing our pictures first.  For someone to be able to find beauty where I thought there was none, or very little – and I have a good eye for beauty – is a true sign to me of an amazing photographer.

Megan Lee Photography
Megan Lee Photography

Discounts for Utah Photography from Megan Lee:

Megan Lee Photography is offering $50 off any session booked in 2014!

Upcoming Giveaway:

Megan Lee Photography will be giving away a free photo session once the Facebook page reaches 1000 likes!  So hurry on over and ‘like’ the page so you’ll be able to know when she’s giving away a session!

Reasons I recommend Megan Lee Photography as your Utah Photographer:

  • Megan was so kind and friendly.  The kids were not afraid of her and my daughter even wanted to hold her hand as they walked down a hill.  (My daughter is very shy and weary of people.)
  • Megan has a great eye for photography and what looks good.  I was impressed with her location and being able to see so much beauty when I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn out well.
  • She made sure we looked good for our pictures.  It seems I get pictures back and see that I had hair out of place or my necklace was twisted but Megan made sure everything was in its place … as long as the wind didn’t bother us.
  • I was impressed with how quickly she moved and kept the kids entertained and going so they didn’t get bored and jump into the water.  Megan was able to get some incredible shots in a short amount of time so the kids didn’t become too tired of pictures.
  • The colors in our photographs are beautiful.  I have even received calls – not just Facebook notifications – about these pictures.  Calls on my phone, people.  This is how impressed people have been with how Megan was able to make us look so good.  And trust me, most days it’s a hard thing to do with a dramatic 4-year old and a camera-phobic 2-year old.
Megan Lee Photography
This one makes me look pregnant. To stop any rumors before they start, I’m not.