There are girls’ kids’ dresses of Disney’s Frozen Queen Elsa and Princess Anna on a great deal right now on  Individual Elsa & Anna dresses are $14.38 with free shipping!  If you are looking for a Frozen costume for Halloween, this is great and if you order soon, you’ll be able to get it before Halloween!  Plus, there are a variety of Queen Elsa dresses and two choices for Princess Anna.




    • Yes, they’re pretty good quality out of the bag but I’m not positive how well the Elsa dresses hold up. My daughter was pretty rough on hers (wore it 24/7 for about a week) and eventually it ripped by the sleeves since the sleeves aren’t a thick material. However, I haven’t heard of anyone else having a problem with them so maybe it was just my daughter’s unwillingness to take the dress off for a week. 🙂

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