Luminaria Review

We were given the opportunity to visit Luminaria, Thanksgiving Point’s Christmas light experience. In years past, they have had a drive-through car show with music but this year, you get to get out of your car and walk through the gardens that have been transformed into different light shows and categories.

As you enter Luminaria, you get quite the experience with hundreds of lights leading to a tall light tree. Okay, maybe it’s not a tree, but that’s what I imagine it to be. As you start walking down the path, you walk through a Candy Cane Lane and other different sections. There are lights and decorations to match what you’re walking through, music, plus something I noticed that totally won me over was that each section smelled like what we were walking through. It smelled flowery, piney, and sweet when needed. I’m a full-sensory kind of person and the smells just put me over the edge. It was perfect.

Luminaria Review

There are other areas where you get to meet reindeer and where you get to walk through statues of the life of Christ. My kids’ favorite part was the end where there were games, fire pits, and one last place to buy drinks and treats, although we didn’t buy anything.

The amount of lights was incredible. I enjoyed the section dedicated to Christ since it is the reason for the season. We enjoyed dancing and singing to the different music as we walked along. If you’re looking for something new for the family to try this year, this is a good thing to try.

The biggest question we have been asked since going is whether it is worth it, especially as this is a new attraction. If you enjoy Christmas lights, this is definitely a once-a-season experience. I personally would not go again but that’s because we’ve already seen the lights and have been able to enjoy it. Keep in mind that tickets are $20/adult and $17/child. They have other options for packages that you can find here. Thanksgiving Point members get 10% off admission tickets.

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