Every year I like to try something completely brand new and this year I’ve already tried two new things, one of them being sewing.  I can definitely tell you that I’ve been humbled and am impressed at all these people who act like the sewing machine is just a part of them – that they can work it so well and smoothly that they don’t even need to think twice about what they’re doing.

This 1-hour DIY toddler dress is the 5th thing I’ve started and the 4th thing I’ve completed.  It was incredibly simple and probably would have taken me a lot less time had I used the right needle for the fabric and had I not had to redo the sash three times.

The thing I love most about this dress, however, is that my daughter picked out the fabric and then basically designed the whole thing by herself.  All I had to do was put it together.  (Note, I didn’t make the cardigan, too.  I just put it on her to cover up all of the mistakes I made on the top.)

diy polka dot dress

I didn’t use a pattern for this DIY toddler dress.  I just used measurements of my daughter and studied what a skirt and shirt look like.  I used the general shape of one of her t-shirts she currently wears but it was very, very general.  My husband was a little shocked to see me just randomly cutting out part of the top for the neckline.  I think he was surprised that it ended up looking like a neckline.  To be honest, I was too.