If you’ve been following Utah Valley Moms, you may know that we recently watched “Nowhere Safe” which is a locally-made movie speaking up against bullying.  As my children get older and I’m aware/seeing more bullying, it’s something that is a serious concern of mine.  We need to teach our children about bullying and become more proactive for those around us.

I teach a few children in my neighborhood and just a few days ago I witnessed a lot of bullying in my own class!  It was hard to believe that a bunch of 4-6 year olds were being so mean to each other.  I know their parents, some of them more than others, but I know that their parents wouldn’t encourage bullying.  It just seemed to happen in my class.  So we had a discussion about bullying and treating others with respect, no matter what their differences.

I just watched (and cried through) this Britain’s Got Talent clip:

Let’s stop the bullying!