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Cuddl Duds, where layering is a lifestyle. Featuring warm layering that’s cozy and comfy without unnecessary bulk. Known for its trusted fit, stretch and warmth, Cuddl Duds has layers for the whole family.

Cuddl Duds carries more than ten layering collections—everything from thermals and flexfit, to fleece, active and the second layer. Be sure to try their famous leggings, tanks and wraps in coordinating colors.

The first thing I always check when I go to a clothing website is the girls’ clothes. I can’t help but buy cute things for my little girl. And look what I found:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first went to Cuddl Duds but this was such a fun surprise! You know that it gets cold here in Utah, and around most of the country at some point (and if you don’t get cold, I don’t want to hear about it), and thermals are so essential! I can’t handle being inside all of the time so we go out a lot into the freezing cold (remember how last week was in the single digits in Fahrenheit?) so my kids would greatly benefit from thermals like these!

Cuddl Duds also has women’s leggings, tanks, shirts, and thermals. My body feels warmer just thinking about all of these warm clothes!