On September 7th, Brazil will be in downtown Salt Lake City. It might be geographically impossible, but the best of the Brazilian Arts, Culture, Music and Cuisine will be at the 9th Annual Utah Brazilian Festival, a free event to the public.

Brought to you by the Viva Brazil Cultural Center and sponsors. The Festival holds lots of fun and laughter for the whole family. The “Samba Carnaval Parade” is the kick-off event beginning at 1pm. Drummers and dancers will be performing the original Brazilian Carnaval along with members of the community. They will catch everyone’s eye with their unique colorful costumes. Directed by Caio Castro, an artistic producer coming from Atlanta, the Samba Parade is always one of the highlights of the Utah Brazilian Festival.

The Festival will also feature two bands this year. A variety of Brazilian Music styles will be brought to you by “Batuke Brazil Band.” Coming from Florida, the band will be playing everything from Forró to Sertanejo to Axe to Brazilian Rock. One of the most famous rhythms known worldwide, the Bossa Nova, will be presented by “Evening in Brazil Band”, a local band composed of musicians and professors from Utah State University. Also on the stage, MC Magno Tubertine will keep the crowd excited presenting our special guests and connecting with the public.

Art Exhibits, Live Concerts, Inflatables, Face Painting, Parade, Capoeira, and other non-stop attractions. The Festival also holds an “Animal Show” featuring animals from the Rain Forest and South America. It includes a huge Anaconda and a Bird Show.
Joga Futebol LLC will get the public warmed up to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The organization is the sponsor for our mini soccer arena where kids and adults will be able to show off their soccer skills.

Taste of Brazil

The food court is always the most anticipated area in the Festival. Churrasco (Brazilian Barbecue), Feijoada (Traditional Black Beans Dish), Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread), Coxinha (Chicken Filled Dumplings), Brigadeiros (Brazilian Fudge), Sonhos (Brazilian Doughnuts) and much more. The names are as popular as the flavors and most people know exactly what they want when it comes to Brazilian Food. Don’t miss this opportunity to taste delicious traditional dishes and desserts.


The Arts Exhibition will take place at the Cultural Hall (Gallivan Hall) where works from local Brazilian artists will be displayed. They will bring color and show different aspects of Brazilian art showcased through art and talent.


The workshops are another interactive option to get to know the Brazilian Culture. Here are the available workshops during the event:

Capoeira – Once again Master Jamaika presents his Capoeira, the Brazilian Martial Art that began in the 16th Century. Known for quick and complex moves, using power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps, Capoeira combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.

Drumming and Samba – The “Batucada and Drumming” will be brought by Samba Fogo, a hands on project for kids and adults. Samba and afro Brazilian rhythms thru dance and movement will be taught by Lorin Hansen and other skilled dancers in our community.

Cantigas de Roda (Brazilian Traditional Folklore Songs, Rhymes and Games) – as part of the “Oral History Preservation Program” sponsored by Utah Arts and Museums, this workshop has the objective to expose children and their families to traditional Folklore songs, rhymes and games. They will be motivated to recover music and traditions that were once part of their parents and grandparents roots. Everyone is welcome to join us at “Ciranda Cirandinha” (Merry go round) and have lots of fun singing and learning.

“If you can’t go to Brazil, come to the Utah Brazilian Festival”

The 9th Annual Utah Brazilian Festival is presented by Viva Brazil Cultural Center and Tucano’s Brazilian Grill. The event this year is also sponsored by Joga Futebol LLC, Wells Fargo, Wilner & O’Reilly Law Firm, Zions Bank, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Art Works, Salt Lake City Corporation, Zoo, Arts & Parks, Internexus and Adobe. It’s also supported by the Brazilian General Consulate of Los Angeles and several members of the community.

Thank you Enjoy Utah