I began this website because I wanted a list of some of the things to do here in Utah County with my kids. It has been a great adventure for me as I have learned many things and have had the opportunity to visit many places here in Utah County. However, when I find out things like what I’m about to discuss, it’s hard for me to publish it to everyone because I get a little greedy and want to keep the information to myself. However, I’m proving very unsuccessful at solving this activity, so I might as well share with you now what I know.

There’s this thing called the Great Provo-Orem Treasure Hunt. It was started last year by a man named Duncan who was using it to promote his business venture and because he’s always loved treasure hunts, especially with his wife. Last year, he hid prizes around Provo and Orem for people to find. There were a few smaller prizes and then one large grand prize of $5000. This year, he is at it again, but with small prizes and three large prizes, two $1000 prizes and one $2000 prize.

Each day, except for Sunday, he will post clues on Facebook and send them out via email. The clues are tough. So if you try to find the treasure, you have to put your thinking cap on. But for the last three mornings, my family and I have been out searching for the hidden treasure with our given clues. It has been fun (and frustrating) to receive the clues, do some research, and try to find the hidden treasure.

If you want to join the hunt, visit the website or Facebook. And make sure to read up on the clues from last year so you understand how he thinks … not that doing so has helped me yet. 🙂


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