Valentine’s Day is next week! If your spouse is anything like mine, nothing is planned. I expect him to do it, he has no idea Valentine’s Day is just a week away, next week he’ll be surprised when I notify him that it is Valentine’s Day, and then I will be annoyed. Seriously? You can’t remember February 14 after 27 years of living?

This is how almost every holiday is so I’ve developed a whole new way of thinking. If I want to do something, I’ll plan it and he’ll have to be okay with how much we spend.

There are some great activities/dinners for Valentine’s Day on They cost money, but I’ve heard some great things about some of them

A lot of local restaurants have specials going on as well, so make sure you check their website, Facebook page, or call them!

Kneader’s is offering a special Valentine’s Day promotion. For $35.99, you get a beautiful heart necklace and eight delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Tucanos: Special St. Valentine’s Day Lunch is $18.95, Special St. Valentine’s Day Dinner only $26.95. Includes Rosemary Herb Salmon, Roasted Rib Eye, Grilled Shrimp your choice of a Chocolate Brazilian Truffle or Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. Added bonus: each couple receives a complimentary rose after dinner.