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I don’t know about where you are living, but it is cold here in Utah County.  The last time I was able to get the stroller out and go for a quick walk was a couple of months ago.  I bundled the kids up, enclosed them into the stroller (we have a great one that keeps them completely enclosed so the air doesn’t hit them if we don’t want it to yet they can still see), and headed out.  Sure there was snow and ice on the ground, but I thought I could do it.  Turns out, it was freezing and I could only make it about 10 minutes before I had to head back.
Strollers are such a great way to get kids from point A to point B.  We spend a lot of time on walks, in the mall, and at a local college campus which means we need a way to get our kids around these places without having to wait for them or hold them.  I love strollers (we own four, I love them that much) and that is why I am so excited about this giveaway!

One lucky winner will win a stroller from any brand they like, it can be with car seat included or just the stroller.

The winner will pick up the stroller from Toysrus.com and will be sent directly from their website.

The stroller can be up to $300 including shipping charges.  

18 Years or older to participate 

2/1 to 2/28

Good Luck!
Disclosure: Utah Valley Moms is not responsible for prize.  If the winner picks up a stroller with a lower value, the winner will not get the remaining value of the prize.  The prize can’t be changed from any other prize than the stroller.