As I have explained before, Must Have Giveaways is based on the idea of finding out about local companies.  There are so many large and small companies in Utah County alone that I have never heard of so this is a way for Facebookers to get to know these amazing companies.

Currently, MHG is sponsoring a giveaway to 1 or 2 lucky winners for Cafe Zupas gift cards.  It’s a referral campaign which means that if you enter, spread your code to your friends, and they enter with your referral code and win, you win too.  I love referral giveaways because my chances of winning just keep increasing as my friends enter with my code.  This giveaway will end on April 7, 2012 at 7 pm MST.

Next week, MHG will be sponsoring another giveaway to 1 lucky winner who will receive four Pass of All Passes.  I love these things.  They get you into so many fantastic Utah County and Salt Lake County activities.  They will be given away on Saturday, April 14 at 7 pm MST.

We also have a Boondocks gift card, a day pass to Seven Peaks or Trafalga, and a Cafe Rio gift card coming up.  So stay in touch and become a fan of Must Have Giveaways on Facebook or follow Must Have Giveaways’ blog for giveaway and winner announcements.  So far, most of our giveaways have had under 150 entries so the chances of winning, especially if you refer friends, are very high!