We did a little research on where to find discount movie passes in Utah County and were suprised that we only found Harmon’s in Orem to have discount movie passes.  Macey’s in Orem used to carry them many years ago, however, I guess they have discountinued carrying discount movie passes or tickets.  Harmon’s in Orem had the discount movie passes but occassionally sell out of them as they order them in large quantities and don’t reorder until they are getting low.

You can use discount movie passes at Cinemarks for any movie regardless of when it came out, but you cannot use them online. With discount movie passes, you will need to go in person to the Box Office to purchase tickets.

Harmon’s North Orem Service Desk 9 AM – 8 PM, Cinemark Discount Passes Only, $7 per pass/ticket

Macey’s Lehi Service Desk – more information to come soon

(We happened to be in South Jordan last weekend so we checked the Harmon’s while we were there, as the Harmon’s is in the same parking lot/shopping area as Megaplex 20.)

Harmon’s South Jordan 9 AM – 8 PM, Megaplex Tickets $7.75 (cannot be used for New Relases – 2 week waiting period)
Cinemark Tickets (Jordan Landing / Century) $7.00 (2 weeks wait for new movies)

Macey’s North Orem – No Discount Tickets
Ridleys North Orem – No Discount Tickets
Smiths Orem – No Discount Tickets
Costco Orem – No Discount Tickets

Other stores may carry them so make sure you call or stop in to find out if they do. It may vary. We will try to keep this updated to bring you the latest information.

Thanks to Ellyse, a UCM reader, who helped us with our list!

Image courtesy freedigitalphotos.net


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