My husband and I had never been big milk users until our daughter started drinking milk. Suddenly, we could go through a gallon of milk in a few days, whereas before, we were going through one half-gallon of milk in over one week. So I needed to find a solution to how much money we were spending on milk, as a gallon of milk seems to be about $2.49.

Costco is a good alternative. Sometimes I see some pretty good prices in stores as well. However, nothing beats finding clearance milk at Smith’s and using a coupon. has a coupon for $0.75 off of one gallon of milk.  Also, about every other time I go to Smith’s, there is milk that is on clearance for $1.25.

I know what you’re thinking, “Milk on clearance?  Gross.”

But it’s not.  The milk we bought on January 17 has a date of January 25 which gives us one week to get through the gallon of milk before I’d start worrying about it.

Normally I pick up two gallons of milk that are $1.25 each plus use the coupon which means I’m spending $1.75 for two gallons of milk.  If that’s not a good steal for milk, I don’t know what is.