Anyone who knows me well, probably knows that I’m somewhat of a neat-freak.  You can frequently find me following my 13-month old around the house, putting things back after she’s strewn things all over the room or encouraging her to put them back.  Why do I do it?  Well, I don’t like messes.

Once it hits about 3:30 pm each weekday, you can usually find me in the kitchen, trying to entertain my daughter while fixing dinner as well so that we can eat as soon as my husband gets home from work.  Most days the kitchen still looks pretty clean while I’m cooking and my daughter has managed to only play with a little bit of flour and sugar on the floor.  But why do I try to make sure dinner is on the table no later than 5:30 pm each day?  Well, usually it’s just because I’m really hungry by that time.

Routine is key for me in my day.  Mornings start around 6-6:30 am each day – blogging, getting things ready for when my daughter wakes up, getting her up, giving her a bath, reading books, eating breakfast, going for a walk, cleaning up the house a bit while she plays or going to the library, eating lunch, putting her down for a nap and while she naps I shower, clean, cook, and blog, baby wakes up and we eat a snack, we read books, we do laundry, we play with toys, we visit friends, I start dinner, she goes down for another nap, she wakes up, husband comes home, we eat dinner, we clean up, we do family activities, baby gets another snack and goes to bed.  Funnily enough, almost every weekday is the same.  Of course, there are always a few minor changes to the schedule, but for the most part, it doesn’t waiver.  She learns, we eat, she grows, etc.  Why?  Well, I just like schedules.

A couple days ago I read a KSL article about Supermoms.  And it got me wondering, do I take too much pride in how I run the home?  Do I try to do it all?

My conclusion?  Yes.

But fortunately for me, I don’t think I’m depressed.  However, maybe I need more children in order for it to really weigh down on me.

So my goal now is to relax.  Enjoy each day because it is what it is.  I don’t think I can stop myself from being clean and an organizer, but I do think that I can let my husband help with our daughter and help with things around the house without feeling like I need to be there to help all the time.  I mean, let’s face it, he goes to work everyday, and although he works hard, he gets to play games, go out to lunch, interact with coworkers and is very far away from feeling a need to keep a tidy house and deal with a screaming baby.

Ugh.  He’s so lucky.