Other than the amazing weather, a 45-minute drive from one side of the island to the other, and the amazing water and beaches, there is nothing I miss more about Hawaii than eating Hawaiian Ice … at least once a day.  Hawaiian Ice is different from just the normal shaved ice.  Ice cream on the bottom of all the flavored ice is absolutely amazing. And the Shred Shack offers just a little taste of what I miss of Hawaii – Hawaiian Ice.

The Shred Shack is located at the mouth of Provo Canyon, right next to the Texaco at about 1500 E 800 N, Orem.  It’s a little shack with some outdoor chairs and tables in front of it.  They offer quite a few variety of flavors and you can mix and match how you’d like.

Prices:  $2 for a small, $3 for a medium, $4 for a large, $0.50 for ice cream.


  1. Do you have new hours? yesterday I went to the shop 2 times at 11:30 am, 12:30 pm also today I went there at 2:30pm and the shop was closed! the sign says you should be open at 11am-9pm mon-thurs if you have new hours then you need a new sign up!

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