I recently read an article on KSL about potty training.  It reminded me of all the diaper woes we have had these past 9 months of my child’s life and how I don’t want to be changing diapers for the next 2 years.

See, first we bought lots of disposable diapers but there were major problems with them including rashes without diaper creams and the crazy cost each month of buying the diapers.  To prevent any leaking or blowouts, whenever we realized she was going, we would stand her up and say, “go potty.”  Eventually she learned to go standing up and would fuss if we didn’t stand her up to go.

Back when she was only a month or two old, I learned about infant potty training.  I bought a couple of books and a little toilet.  I really wanted to start training her when she was about 3 1/2 months old but I sat her on the toilet once and she screamed.  It was terrifying to her so I never tried again.  Plus at the time, I was working so I really was not able to be consistent with her.

Then just a couple of months ago my husband decided to start sitting her on her toilet when she needed to go because it would be tough to stand for the rest of her life whenever she needed to eliminate.  So each time she began to fuss to let us know she needed to stand up to go, we would sit her on her toilet instead.

She is now 9 1/2 months old and almost every time we sit her on her toilet, she pushes to try to eliminate.  In fact, she hates to poop in her diaper.  She will hold it in as long as she can.

So what did we do to get our 9 month old to go on a toilet?

First, we recognized our daughter every time she was going by saying “go potty.”  Second, we sat her on her toilet every time we changed her diaper at home.  Third, while sitting on her toilet, we make it a fun time with peek-a-boo and nursery rhymes mixed with holding her hands so she can focus on pushing.  Fourth, whenever she does go into her toilet, we are full of praise and tell her how big she is.

Hopefully these things will help potty train our little girl early and save us some diaper changes!