I used this tortilla recipe.  My husband made it a few weeks ago and it worked great!  Tonight, it did not work so well but I think I beat my dough too much.  I would suggest not handling the dough too much – otherwise it is a lot more like a pie crust and is very, very flaky.

Put in shortening until it’s crumbly without too much flour.  But this is the crucial part – don’t work with the dough too much.

The dough.  Let it rest for a little bit – probably doesn’t need to be more than 15 minutes.

This is our favorite filling – enchilada sauce, black beans, tomatoes, rice, chicken (with Sazon Goya seasoning), cheese, and onion.  There’s no certain amount that I put in – I just pour ingredients until I feel like there is a good amount of it.

Cook the chicken first.  Pull it out and shred it.  Cook onions, then add in the rest of the ingredients.  Add the chicken back in and let simmer to combine the flavors.

Heat oil in a pot until it’s hot enough to fry something quickly.  Put the filling into the tortillas, fold them up, and fry until brown.  I fried them for about 30 seconds.

Add enchilada sauce, cheese, sour cream and/or any other ingredients to the top that  you like.