LeapFrog declared September 6th a Fit Made Fun day.  LeapFrog wanted to set a new world record on Fit Made Fun Day to get kids moving and having fun while doing it.  We got to try out the latest LeapFrog activity trackers called LeapBands.  LeapBands tracks kids’ movements an suggest 50 different fun activities and challenges to them to keep them moving.

Utah Valley Moms received free products in order to host the LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are our own. 

My kids and their friends have had a blast this past week playing with the LeapBands.  I find my daughter randomly dancing, hopping, and doing all sorts of fun things at the most random times with her LeapBand.

One of my favorite features of the LeapBand is that the adult can set school times and sleep times which will stop the LeapBand from playing during those times.  The first night she was playing and suddenly the screen went to just a clock showing what time it was.  When my daughter and her friend noticed that neither of theirs was working and came running to me to get it to work, I realized that it had stopped because it was bed time!  And oddly enough, they were both okay with that!

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