I cut my hair for Locks of Love

As a child, I had long hair up until I was about 10 years old.  It was really long.  The stylist who cut my hair let us know that I could donate my long hair to other children who have lost their hair – that my hair could be made into a wig for them.  My mom thought it was a great idea so we did it.

My hair grows about an inch a month so if I don’t get my hair trimmed too often, I can grow out my hair pretty fast.  I have only donated my hair a few times to Locks of Love but it’s so worth it.  In fact, I’m sitting next to the envelope that is going to send my 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love right now and I am so excited to get it sent.

Apparently, a lot of children donate their hair to other children so if your child has long hair and is getting at least 10 inches cut off, I would recommend encouraging them to donate it to Locks of Love!

Many salons will donate the hair for you or you can donate it yourself if they don’t.  I went to a neighbor who cut my hair and she made sure my 10 inches of hair was together with rubber bands.   I put it into a plastic bag, put it into a mailing envelope, and sent it off.  It’s so simple!