We had the opportunity to visit the Family Search Center located at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Downtown Salt Lake City to enjoy the Discovery Center.

If you’ve done any family history, this is the place you’re going to want to be to be able to really get a feel for your ancestors and what it was like when they lived. With your free Family Search account, you can log in at the Discovery Center and explore your family tree.

This experience was perfect for someone like me who has a lot of family history done but who actually has not done most of it. I don’t spend much time on Family Search and don’t do a lot of searching, however, it was fun to go experience my family line through photos and stories on big screens and to see a big picture.


At one station, you are able to see where all of your ancestors are from. It shows you a map and you can see where the majority of your family was born and resided. At another station, you learn more about what was happening in the world when that ancestor/family member was born. While movie tickets were 5 cents when my grandfather was born, when my daughter was born, the average price was $8.


The Discovery Center also has rooms where you can record stories. Take a USB with you and you can save them!


In 2017, they will be opening up a new center just around the corner that is 3 times as big and with new interactive programs. For now, however, visit the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (15 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah) on the main floor near the north side.

Images via Family History Discovery Center