Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic

The Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic is Labor Day weekend from September 2-5. It is a family-friendly event held up at Soldier Hollow and is a fun event to see the well-trained dogs in the Championship!

Last year when we went, the kids had a blast. I, unfortunately, was really sick with the flu but in an attempt to not ruin the weekend, I pretended not to be sick and went and had a great time with the family. We went on Monday, the last day of the Championships, and enjoyed watching the sheepdogs run the course and herd the sheep. My kids thought it was fascinating watching the dog work so hard and be so excited.

The other part of the event that the kids loved was the Splash Dogs. The dogs ran off the side into a pool and tried to jump as far as possible. It was pretty fun and the little kids loved being right by the pool at the bottom and get splashed.

The training that goes into the training of these dogs is incredible. They are so well trained and so smart! The owners do a great job of creating quite the performance and it is a great show.

Other activities are there at the Championship and there are plenty of food options.

When you go, make sure you take sunscreen, water bottles, and if you’re planning to sit out for the sheepdogs, I’d suggest taking some camping chairs if possible. There are benches/bleachers to sit on but they are definitely not as comfortable as a camping chair. Plus if you’re paranoid like me, you’ll also be concerned the whole time that your little one is going to fall off the bleachers. That being said, however, we spent a few hours on the benches that were provided so only take extra chairs if you really want a comfy seat. People get there early to claim a good seat so if you’re looking to claim a good spot, you may want to consider getting there early or going a little later in the afternoon as people start moving around.

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Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic