Brigham Young University has a dinosaur museum, also called the Museum of Paleontology.  It’s not very big and it’s not very attractive from the outside but little children seem to love it!  Plus it’s free so you really can’t beat that.

dinosaur museum
Here’s what the outside looked like on a very cold, rainy day that we visited.

My children’s favorite part was being able to watch some students work in a different room. There are glass windows that allow you to watch them work. It’s not very interesting as you don’t talk to them but kids seem to love watching the students clean fossils and such.

I loved just seeing the skeletons.

This is a great indoor activity for toddlers and older children alike, especially when it’s cold outside.  Just keep in mind it’s small – which might be great for those times you need a filler of time between appointments, errands, or for just a quick outing.


dinosaur museum 2

The Museum of Paleontology is located at 1683 N. Canyon Road, Provo and is open from 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday. Call for current times.

Here’s a video of the museum.  Note my favorite part at the window where my daughter tries to lift up my son – I thought they both were going to fall.  Luckily, no accidents … this time.