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Here is a list of January Utah County activities and events.  Most are free, family-friendly activities.

Please contact us to add more.  Plus, each time you submit an event to us, you are entered to winmonthly prize!

Utah County Activities & Events

Utah County Deals & Other Free Things

Activities & Events Coming Soon

  • 2/1:  Free Open House for the Super Bowl
  • 2/2:  Register for Lowe’s Build & Grow
  • 2/6:  Snowman Building Contest
  • 2/7:  Fire + Ice Event, Riverwoods
  • 2/7:  Polar Plunge
  • 2/17:  Provo Mardi Gras
  • 2/25:  Free Zoo Day
  • 2/27:  Community Center Cinema, “Wreck It Ralph”