EcoCarpet is a local Utah Valley carpet cleaning company who travels to various areas around Northern Utah.  We had heard good things about them and were excited to hear that they were going to be able to clean our carpets.

My family and I recently adopted a dog.  For those who know me and know how crazy I am about cleanliness you may find it weird that I allowed a very messy, furry dog into our house.  To be honest, I’m still a little in shock myself.  But it happened and the floors haven’t been the same since.  I vacuum a few times a week, mop the floors a few times a week, and sweep a few times a day.  (I know, I’m out of control.)  So I was excited to finally have some professionals come do some of the hard work.

As Utah Carpet Cleaners, they were able to visit my home in Orem (which is actually where they are based out of) and clean the carpets of my house.  We bought a little carpet cleaner about two years ago but it has never had a professional carpet cleaning so I was excited to have it done.

Utah carpet cleaning
Jason cleaning our carpets.

Jason from EcoCarpet visited our place and was great!  He was friendly and was more than willing to answer all of the questions we had about the service and about the company.  He explained to us that EcoCarpet does carpet cleaning in Utah and will not upsale people on services.  In fact, Jason has talked customers out of services and products that he does not believe they need which is saving the customer money!

My worries were that after the carpet had dried, there would be a residue from the carpet cleaning.  However, after the carpet dried, the carpets felt so clean and better than I had ever felt them before.  Plus, they smelled clean!  There was a slight smell of carpet cleaning but I have smelled worst before and so the smell of clean carpets and the feeling of clean carpets was perfect!

I enjoyed having EcoCarpet clean our carpet.  They were friendly and their cleaning was effective.  EcoCarpet will be our carpet cleaning company from now on!

carpet cleaning in Utah
Drying the carpet.


Utah carpet cleaning
Jason put corner protectors even on our door!

EcoCarpet Cleaning Service
176 S State St
Orem, UT 84058
Phone: (801) 855-5696

Utah Valley Moms received a free carpet cleaning in exchange for this review, however, all opinions are our own.